Our Philosophy

No less than exactly what you want

Buying a piece of Solid Pure acrylic solid surface or joinery that has been made for a particular space or room has a very definite sense of satisfaction around it. But why is that?

It’s probably because you buy a mass-produced piece of Pure acrylic solid surface it’s not always what you want. Not the right size, the right colour, or anything out of the ordinary.

We’ve spent over five years creating beautifully bespoke Pure acrylic solid surface Sheets. By taking the time and care to listen we can begin to shape a design that will be so much more than ordinary.

Experience the new aesthetics of Pure acrylic solid surface

with innovative and dramatic directions, Pure acrylic solid surface design introduces imaginative aesthetics that stimulate new ideas and expand your design possibilities to make your space.

From a world filled with rich inspiration, Pure acrylic solid surface Design has extracted visions from areas as diverse as the forest, midcentury modern design, translucent stone, and industrial decor. The aesthetics that have emerged emphasize the intention and trend-forward mission of Pure acrylic solid surface Design and offer unique possibilities for design styles and applications.


is solid surfaces ?

Modified Solid Surface is a hard, non-porous material that is non-toxic and non-carcinogenic. With proper cleaning, the material does not promote the growth of molder, mildew or bacteria, which contributes to a healthier indoor environment.

It creates long and wide continuing surfaces with no open or conspicuous joins. No dirt trapping joins or crevices to clean, just one continuous surface that looks and performs like one piece.